A Sister writes: “Someone is sending out a message saying that the incident which occurred at the Musgrave Musjid is fake, thus giving the impression that the article has been retracted by The Majlis. Please comment and clarify.”


Brains are not required to understand that some fitnah-spreader who could be acting at the behest of the Musjid trustees or who is a supporter of prostitutes attending the Musaajid, is desperately trying to create the stupid impression you have mentioned.

It is not difficult to understand that the impression is in fact false and utterly baseless. Regarding the incident of zina which germinated from the Musgrave Musjid, only the two culprits, Allah Ta’ala and the Two Recording Angels are aware. Hence, only the one who had informed us can say if his narrative was false. There is no one else who can tender such a claim because whoever makes this mischievous claim has absolutely no awareness of what had transpired.

Whoever claims that the letter is fake and false should produce his evidence. The Majlis has NOT retracted the letter. The incident is an eye-opener for all the RUBBISHES who promote female emergence into the public domain, especially to the Musaajid. Those who seek to abrogate any Decree of the Shariah are Murtadd or Munaafiq or Zindeeq. They are not Muslims.

It is Haraam for women to attend the Musaajid for Salaat. The Prohibition is aggravated if they attend the Musjid to listen to the talks of misguided molvis.

10 Shawwaal 1443 – 12 May 2022

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