Q. Is it permissible for an aalimah to accept females as mureeds in the manner Mashaaikh do? Is it permissible to enter into bay’t with her?
A. Such a woman is a shaitaanah. Making bayt with a female is satanic. Such a woman is never an ‘aalimah’. She is a jaahilah.
Q. I am a contributor to an islamic school and madressah. I have recently found out that in these so called islamic institutions there have been confirmed multiple haraam affairs by male and female educators in the institutions. At the moment I heard there is once again an affair in this so called islamic institution. Is it permissible for me to discharge my zakaat to any of these institutions? Is it permissible for me to assist them financially with the hope of reward? Should encouragement be made to send children to these places? 

A. The immorality you have now so belatedly discovered is old hat. At all these so-called ‘islamic’ schools there is a combustible mix for zina. Sins of sexual misdemeanour are rife at these institutions. These schools are Mal-oon (Accursed) aberrations in the Muslim community. It is not permissible to contribute your Zakaat or any other funds to this school where haraam and immorality take place. Do not assist these schools. They cause more moral and Deeni harm than good. If anyone wishes to ruin the moral character of his child, then these schools are the ideal places. Ustaadhs, molvis, sheikhs, apas and pupils are all trapped in this shaitaani and nafsaani web of zina. It is a wicked morass of filth.
We have for decades criticized these so-called Islamic schools. There is too much evil in these schools. Never encourage people to send their children to these institutions of moral disaster and destruction

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