Wearing Puma brand

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Q & A Series: No. 6
Wearing PUMA Brand
Question: Perhaps you aware of the famous branded clothing called
PUMA. I am quite reserved regarding wearing this branded clothing.
I try my best to stay away from wearing any branded clothing. The
PUMA logo clearly depicts a puma animal jumping in mid-air. Is this
animal that appears on the PUMA brand considered as an animate
object or not? Can this type of a logo be worn or not?
Answer: Various internet searches confirms the animal used in the
PUMA brand to be a ‘cat’, a ‘jumping cat’ or/and a ‘leaping cat’.
A cat is an animate object. Hence, the Fatwa of the most senior
Ulama-e-Haq of our country as well as the Akaabireen of the past,
brand ALL animate picture-making as HARAAM. Therefore,
wearing this cat in the form of a clothing item will be impermissible.
Don’t be beguiled by the foolish arguments of TV-Molvis – many of
whom made their true colours visible since the covid PLANdemic –
of making digital pictures, TV (Dajjal’s office), etc. as ‘Halaal’ due
to technicalities of the methodology of modern-day picture-making.
When placing a digital picture next to a hand drawn picture, which
of the two appears more realistic. Obviously the digital picture!
Regarding ALL animate pictures, Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
warned of the severest Azaab for people indulging in this major sin
in a Hadith which appears in various Hadith Kitaabs.
“The severest Punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah
will be meted out to the picture-makers.”

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