Shortcomings of Men & Women in Marriage

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This is an excerpt from Asiya Madni’s interview with Muhammad Ali. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets.

What hurts is that both (men and women) are victims, they are oppressors as well. They are suffering due to each other. In the name of fighting against oppression, we are forgetting our own responsibilities. Because of these movements of calling for both women and men’s rights, the negative impact is that relationship Allah (swt) had tied with love has now made them enemies on opposing ends. If we take on this enmity it will take on a form of win and lose battle. Putting aside suffering of entire family, the individual man and woman are going to suffer in their pursuit of harming one another.

We think that perfect marriage model is in lives of people through luck of draw. Some get it and some don’t. It…

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