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Mr.M.S.Omar, a secular lawyer in an article claims that it is permissible to give Zakaat to non-Muslims afflicted in areas of disasters. In support of his claim, he cites the resolutions of the Ulama of the Islamic Fiqh Academy. We have always understood that Zakaat may not be given to non-Muslims. What is the correct ruling of the Shariah?

Answer (By Mujlisul Ulama)

The claim of the lawyer chap is bunkum. The Islamic Fiqh Academy is a conglomerate of bootlicking molvis inclined to western liberalism. They have no Shar’i authority. Their resolutions are generally ghutha (rubbish) and should be discarded in sewerage drains and dumps.

The Ummah is aware that there exists Ijma’ on the prohibition of giving Zakaat to non-Muslims. Lillah funds may be used for non-Muslims afflicted with the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala, i.e. the natural disasters, NOT Zakaat. Zakaat and all forms of Waajib Sadqah can…

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