Islam Reigns

By Mujlisul Ulama

Menk, the Munaafiq, posing as a Muslim and a Mufti, has just participated in a satanic so-called haraam ‘iftaar’ dinner in Dubai. This mickey mouse munaafiq ‘mufti’ who has repeatedly betrayed Islam and the Ummah now being bereft of any logical or sensible excuse to justify his embrace of the Zionist High Priest at a time when Muslims are being killed in Palestine and Musjidul Aqsa is being pillaged and plundered by the Zionists, has sunk to the very bottom of the barrel ofnajaasatby pleadingsatanic madness.Unable to find even a scrap of justification for his participation in an evil dinner attended by the Zionist priest, fussaaq and fujjaar, this miserable Menk scoundrel says that black magic has been perpetrated on him, hence he isma’zoor.Yes, his brains have become deranged by shaitaani manipulation.

According to him, the black magic has deranged his…

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