View with disgust and consternation the following invitation poster of some Murtad agents of Iblees posing as Muslims:

Is there even an ignorant Muslim who doubts the kufr of these slaves of Iblees who are defiling the glorious and auspicious Nights of Ramadhaan with acts of zina? Germane to the haraam party/function organized by these devils, every act is an accessory of ZINA. The ‘Salaah Facilities’ listed on shaitaan’s programme is a trap to provide a front for the zaanis and zaaniyahs for concealing their wickedness and immorality.

It is haraam throughout the year to indulge in stupid talk, merrymaking and the like after Isha. What should be commented regarding this massive defilement of the auspicious Nights of Ramadhaan with the host of zina factors contemplated by the illegitimate progeny of Shaitaan?

On every Night of Ramadhaan, Allah Azza Wa Jal descends to the First Sama’ and calls His servants to supplicate to Him, but these horrible murtaddeen have planned feats of zina from after Isha’. They are a group of mal-oon scoundrels on which the La’nat of Allah Ta’ala and His Malaaikah descends every second. These shayaateenul ins are worse than khanaazeer.

How can any true Muslim ever participate in such a brazenly immoral party after Isha’ during the glorious Month of Ramadhaan? We say with great emphasis that only such scoundrels whose hearts are absolutely bereft of Imaan can have the shaitaani temerity to participate in the FILTH which the progeny of Iblees is organizing.

When the auspicious moments of the glorious Nights of Ramadhaan have to be devoted to calling Allah Ta’ala, supplicating to Him, to Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed, to extra Nafl Salaat, to Taubah and Istighfaar, these filthy and immoral children of Iblees invite moron ‘Muslims’ to attend their function of ZINA.

Just 1magine! ‘Soccer and pool table, hookah pipes and dagga pipes’ after Isha’ during the holy nights of Ramadhaan! The food and savouries of this vile function are spiritually fatal poisons. They come within the category of carrion. The hearts of those who will devour this FILTH will further darken and expel the vestiges of Imaan still remaining in them.

We believe that even Muslim prostitutes will not attend these filthy, immoral parties of kufr organized by the gang of shayaateen during the auspicious Nights of Ramadhaan. Only those who are bereft of Imaan, but masquerade as Muslims, will feel snug at these merrymaking shaitaani parties. May the La’nat and Ghadhab of Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy these scoundrels.

1 Ramadhaan 1443 – 3 April 2022

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