Sightings of the Hilaal (New Crescent) and the Signs of Qiyamah

Islam Reigns

[Mufti Muhammad Yusuf Danka,  Croydon Masjid]

Allah Ta’ala has stated in the Holy Qur’an:

They ask you [Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)] about the crescent moons. Say: They are signs to mark fixed periods of time for mankind and for  the pilgrimage.’  [Qur’an 2:189]

The Shari’ah of Islam has classified the regulation of time (months)  by means of sighting the crescent  moon. Every person who has the  faculty of sight can look at the  sky and determine the start of the  new month (by viewing the  crescent moon). Despite great  leaps being made in the field of  astronomy as well as scientific  calculations being formulated on  the birth of the new moon, the  scientific analysis is not a  verified proof in Islam to    commence the new month. To  stipulate Ramadan and Eid  (commencement of end of the  month) calendar dates by  calculations alone is not  permissible. In the  commencement of every month, it is necessary to verify and validate the sighting of the moon  (Muhaqaq Ru’yat Basari).  Whosoever leaves this methodology has left the guidance of the Shari’ah in Sunnah. (Dars-e-Tirmidhi vol 2, p 520-521)

Shaykhul Tafsir Hadhrat Molana Muhammad Idrees Khandhlawi writes: ‘In the  Shari’ahZakaat, Hajj, and  Ramadhan fasting, issues of  Islamic  jurisprudence (i.e  the  waiting  period  of  women  etc) are  based  upon the  lunar  month. There  is  no  reference made  to  the  solar  calendar or its calculation in  Shariah. It is for this reason  that  the knowledge of the lunar months and conditions of Ruyat‐e‐Hilal 

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