Once Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis salaam) together with his Hawariyyeen (Companions) passed by a village. Everything was in ruins and desolate. Human skeletons were lying all over the show. Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis salaam) said to the Hawariyyeen that these people were destroyed by the Wrath of Allah Ta‟ala. The Companions wished to know more of the condition of the destroyed people. Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis salaam) made dua to Allah Ta‟ala. He was instructed to call the skeletons during the night time. During the night, Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis salaam) mounted a small hill and called out: “O people of the village!” Someone from the village responded: “What is your command, O Roohullaah!”
Nabi Isaa: What is the state of your people?
Skeleton: One night we were sleeping well. Suddenly in the morning we were dumped into Jahannum.
Nabi Isaa: What is the reason?
Skeleton: We were engrossed in the love of the world and followed the transgressors.
Nabi Isaa: To what extent did you love the world?
Skeleton: As much as a baby loves its mother. When the mother appears, the baby becomes happy and when the mother disappears the baby grieves and cries.
Nabi Isaa: Why do your companions not speak?
Skeleton: There are reins of fire on their mouths and the Angels are pulling at these reins. These Angels are of foul temper.
Nabi Isaa: How do you then speak?
Skeleton: I was not one of them. But, since I associated with them the punishment overtook me too. Now I have been hung up on the brink of Jahannum. I do not know if I will be saved or flung into the Fire.” (Nazhatul Basaateen)

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