The following message is circulating in the public domain:


For years, my daughter, student at the school, has told the stories of numerous incidents that have happened. Male teachers at the school have been acting inappropriately with our underage girls. Letters have been written, phone calls have been made, teachers have been notified YET there is still nothing done to adress the situation. Mr Haffejee, Mr Naicker and Ml. Osman excluded.

Mr hussein who teaches accounting has on many occasions touched students hands, faces, and other places and called them affectionate inappropriate names such as babygirls, wives, honeys, etc. This matter has been brought up multiple times to the office yet he has faced no repercussions.

Mr Peerbhai has also been doing the same and has been seen watching the girls as they have PE. He constantly makes inappropriate jokes and comments and has even suggested to certain students that they should come to his office and live with him etc.

Mr khan made inappropriate comments about girls bodies, weights and has been found taking pictures of the grade 9 students while they were changing for a performance.

The girls who have spoken up are targeted, belittled and are made to seem delusional.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. This has been going on for years and while the female staff are extraordinary and have shown the great lengths that they will take to protect their students, this matter has been hidden by those in charge.

It is time that this ends. This school of excellence is an institute that has for 21 years produced nothing but wonders. The school is famous for the 100% pass rate and for never having a student fail. YET THEY ARE FAILING THEIR STUDENTS. And for this their prestigious reputation is tarnished.

The formal procedures have been followed but after nothing being done for years… This matter is now open to the public.

The school is Maritzburg Muslim Girls School. It is part of the Raisethorpe Musjid. (End of message)


We have in numerous occasions commented, castigated and damned all secular educational institutions which are haunts of vice and immorality. Regarding the aforementioned message, we are indifferent to the accused teachers. They are not our concern. Our comment is reserved for the rubbish parents. Thus we say to them:

You have no entitlement to complain. You are Murtaddeen worse than the school’s staff you are now accusing of sexual misconduct. The vile shenanigans which you are attributing to the teachers are the norm in all secular schools, colleges and universities. There is no surprise.

The issues complained about are not new revelations. All these vile misdeeds are old hat. ‘Muslim’ parents who send their children, especially daughters, to these educational brothels are the worse scum. They are in flagrant denial of all the Ahkaam of Allah Ta’ala pertaining to Hijaab. They are in fact the actual pillages and plunderers of the hayaa and chastity of their daughters.

These miserable murtad parents have no right to complain. They must accept the misconduct of the teachers. Parents, themselves, have plunged their daughters into the cauldrons of sexual immorality and villainy. They must not complain and look for scapegoats when the hayaa and chastity of their daughters are plundered. Their daughters will ride on their backs right into Jahannam on the Day of Qiyaamah. Both the parents and their daughters are Hasabu Jahannam (Fuel for Hell-Fire).

These parents are infinitely worse criminals than the miscreant teachers.

18 Sha’baan 1443 – 21 March 2022

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