SA Health Products Regulatory Authority says it’s investigating data released in report by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The report by FDA indicates that the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine has over 1200 side effects that were not disclosed to the public until last week.

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While  innumerable experts in the medical profession and scientists had boldly declared the horrendous  and harmful  consequences of the Devil’s Potions – the vaccines which were and are being forced on people,  governments, doctors and professors on the pay role of Bill Gates & Co., and Murtad/Munaafiq molvis and doctors were in stark denial. They vigorously promoted the obscene filth of the hallucinated benefits of the potion of Iblees. 

Among the vaccine ‘prophets’ was one Professor Shabbir Mahdi who had vigourously and vehemently promoted vaccination and all the protocols of the atheist devils. But today, this same professor has somersaulted. Among his latest claims are: 

* Masks have done very little in the past and will do very little in the future to protect against the virus. 

* Social distancing we thought will prevent the spread but doesn’t do much to prevent the virus. 

* Hand hygiene doesn’t do much to prevent Covid 19 

* Taking temperature or thermal screening is foolish and has no value. 

Even the UK government is now paying 120,000 pound (R2.5 million) to those who have been harmed by these vaccines which had been so vigorously promoted and forced on to the people by draconian laws and oppression. 

Governments who had been forcing people to submit to the evil oppression of vaccination should be charged with genocide. 

All the bootlicking molvis and so-called Muslim doctors who had promoted the Potion of Iblees and who had spied on Muslims performing Salaat in the Musaajid, and who had run to the kuffaar court to close the Musaajid should now lick and eat their own faeces. 

Theories built on the basis of hallucination  and motivated the crave for money are being exposed as myths and are evaporating into thin air leaving faeces on the faces of their proponents and  supporters. Bham, Menk, MJC and others of similar munaafiq ilk are being disgraced by Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

These evil molvis and sheikhs will still have to undergo horrendous treatment in their Graves and on the Day of Qiyaamah for all their nifaaq and irtidaad which they had promoted under guise of the Deen. Just imagine the notoriety of these villains who has labelled the Houses of Allah Ta’ala as ‘superspreaders’ of disease whereas Allah Ta’ala says that the best-loved Places on earth are the MUSAAJID.

16 Sha’baan 1443 – 19 March 2022

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