“Adab Cards”, Explained

Islam Reigns

By Umar Rumi

If I’m publicly committing something haram, and someone refutes me for that, and my only reaction is complaining about his lack of “adab” (due to misconceptions about its real meaning), am I not implicitly admitting that his accusations against me are correct…?

What about retorting to his factual objections with “where have you studied??”

Alright, then what about capitalising on my 300 years ofefforts for Islamand thebillionsof people guided by myultra-beneficial eloquent emotionalspeeches? Will that constitute a shield from any criticism and a guarantee from any deviancy for all the rest of my life…?

It wouldn’t work, you’re saying?

Alright, why is it the case, then, that eager fanboys always punctually show up with these very same 4-5 pre-packed answers whenever their favourite “eloquent speaker” get refuted on his mistakes?

The reason is simple: these are nothing but deflection…

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