20 Ramadhaan 1435 (18 July 2014)

Dear brother

Your e-mail dated 17 July 2014 refers.

Ulama in Zimbabwe where Menk lives claim that he is a Salafi. Many other Ulama here who know him personally contend the same. In my letters to him I asked him several questions pertaining to Aqeedah, Imaam Maturidi and Imaam Ash’ari. Although at that time he used to correspond with me, he terminated correspondence when I put these questions to him and urged him to give frank replies. He simply went off from the radar screen.

Other Ulama here too have written to him, asking him to answer a number of questions. Although the Ulama wrote several letters to him, he simply refuses to reply. While he will deceive the laymen by proclaiming himself to be a Deobandi, he cannot deceive us. He refuses to answer such questions which will expose his Salafi beliefs.

He wrote a booklet in Arabic in which he criticized the Ulama for rigid Taqleed. These are some of the facts regarding this person.

May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect you and the family.


A.S. Desai

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