Sacrifices and Focus of Fatima (rad)

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This is an excerpt from one of Umar Palanpuri’s speeches. Its translated more or less. My notes are in brackets.

Once Abu Bakr and Omar came out of their houses because of acute hunger. The Prophet (saw) also joined them and they went together to the house of Abu Ayub. He later slaughtered a goat and offered it to them. Prophet (saw) took a piece of meat, placed it in a loaf and said, “Abu Ayub, take this to Fatimah, she has not tasted the like of this for days.” [Ibn Hibban]

Try to understand? Its Prophet (saw) the one who advised on the rights of a wife. And with his own daughter there are three days of hunger. And its not mentioned anywhere that he reprimanded Ali (rad) saying to him that there are clear verses in Quran that highlight the rights of the wife. And you have kept…

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