Islam Reigns

A Brother from India writes:

Last Friday I was on a safar (journey) towards Kochi (a city in India) to deliver some goods and I was passing through another city named Mangalore. But since I was crossing this city highway at the time of Jumu’ah, I intended to stop at a mosque in Mangalore. A khateeb was delivering a speech regarding religious tolerance. This place (Mangalore) is a hotbed for communal clashes and there is lot of oppression and fitnah going around here all the time. So this kind of topic about religious tolerance for speech was certainly acceptable. (No, it was not acceptable. The fitnah against Muslims in India is Hindu oppression and brutality. Muslims in India do not initiate clashes. They are all spineless. Only Hindus with the active connivance of the Hindu security forces brutalize Muslims who are all sitting ducks bereft of any physical and…

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