Reporting on the kufr of a so-called Muslim school in Johannesburg, a Brother writes:

Where is the Johannesburg Muslim School heading too?

(It is broiling in a Cauldron of Kufr – The Majlis)

“Amongst the founding members of Johannesburg Muslim School was Moulana Abdur Rahman Gardee (R.A) as well as Baaji Jeena (R.A.)

The school was founded on the principles of Deen and as far as possible until Moulana’s demise this was upheld. (Not a single principle of the Deen remains in that institution of fisq, fujoor and kufr –The Majlis)

Last week the chairman of the School invited the Late Mohammed Alli’s (boxer) wife to speak to the students. (The late boxer’s name was Cassius Clay. He was NOT a Muslim. The name ‘Muhammad’ is a misnomer-The Majlis). Amongst the unfortunate vices that occurred were her inappropriate language and her topic content lacked hayaa and modesty although there were 6 year old children sitting in the audience.

(Haya is not to expected from a faasiqah, faajirah and kaafirah – The Majlis)

It has come to light that she kept on referring to ‘Muhammed’, and not once stated Sallalho Alayhi Wassalam. That was because she was referring to a ‘muhammed’ who was a self-appointed prophet. Astagfrilullah!

When her male companion (manager) started making a loud dua, he asked her to make a loud dua as well. The senior ulama present did not stop this, act. (Because they were shayaateen in human form –The Majlis)

Her open and flagrant display of fisq was appalling. She placed her hand on the Aalim (Jaahil, moron, agent of Iblees – The Majlis) who is the head of the Islamiat at the school. (A deceptive façade. There is no Islamiyaat at this school of Iblees –The Majlis) She touched the chairman of the School whilst speaking. (That is because he is a confirmed faasiq and faajir – a dayyooth of the worst order. – The Majlis)

The school seniors on the day, allowed the learners their cellphones to take videos and photos, with a na-mahram despite videoing and photography not being permissible. This whole fiasco was initially lived streamed, then later pulled. It ends where she is eating together with Moulana Bham, Moulana Tahir Saloo and other males. (These are munaafiqs and murtaddeen. They are among the worst Agents of Iblees. They are worse than Khanaazeer – The Majlis)

As an ex-student, I hope that the school and those ulema that were instrumental should publicly apologize for disgracing our beloved Deen.

(Even the hoped for public apology is offered, it will not be sufficient to compensate for the dastardly villainy and kufr perpetrated by these miserable shayaateeni molvis. They have become murtads. They will have to renew their Imaan and their marriages. – The Majlis)

Please comment on these vile shenanigans supported by the ulama.


Our comment is not really necessary because even ignorant laymen can understand the exceptionally vile state of this school, its miserable personnel and the murtad molvis. Nevertheless, it is necessary to comment in the light of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi anil Munakar.

It is beyond the comprehension of Muslims that the fussaaq personnel of the school saw fit to invite a confirmed faasiqah, faajirah and kaafirah to advise and teach Muslim children. It is shockingly reprehensible and lamentable that scoundrels who claim to be Ulama and who LIE blithely to dupe Muslims into believing that they represent the Ulama and the Muslim community, were sitting like gays and transgender specimens at the function where the kaafirah was the Shaitaanah-in-Control. These molvis are absolutely spineless cuckolds and worst than khanaazeer.

It is unimaginable for molvis to sit obediently at a function where a kaafirah hermaphrodite specimen addressing the audience propagates the religion of a man who had claimed to be god-incarnate. The ‘muhammad’ she was repeatedly referring to was one Elijah ‘muhammad’ who had proclaimed himself to be a prophet. This false prophet used the Kalimah of Islam to propagate his kufr brand of ‘islam’. Yet these miserable molvis of the NNB jamiat were obsequiously lapping up all the fisq, fujoor and kufr which the Shaitaanah was vomiting into their mouths.

Elijah ‘muhammad’ was appointed the prophet by a shaitaan called Drew who claimed to be god. The faajirah-kaafirah and her father, Cassius Clay belonged to the sect of Elijah. Yet, these rascal khanaazeer molvis honoured and revered her and endorsed all her fisq, fujroor and kufr. They even sat to dine (and wine) with the kaafirah shaitaanah.

There is no need to lambast the kaafirah. She was merely executing her satanist obligation of promoting the religion of the man whom she believed was the prophet. But these molvis who are most certainly sub-khanaazeer must be exposed for the rot and disease they are. There is no disease more dangerously contagious than the fisq, fujoor and kufr of scoundrel molvis. It is also most surprising that there are so ignorant Muslims who will still perform Salaat behind these murtaddeen-munaafiqeen. Every vestige of haya has been excoriated from their ugly faces – the faces which females decorate and adorn for these rubbish molvis when they appear on the television screen to flaunt their ugly nostrils and snouts.

We are told that before appearing on TV, a female face-painter, attends to the ugly faces of these scoundrel molvis to make them presentable for the screen of Iblees. Allah Ta’ala has vermiculated their brains which are infested with insoforia of the worst kind. Indeed their gargantuan nifaaq is stunning and shocking. Even the chief of the Munaafiqs during the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is put to shame by these scoundrel molvis.

Muslims who contribute funds towards this school of fisq, fujoor and kufr, and to the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg deceptively posing as ‘jusa’, must understand that they are aiding and abetting in the evil and villainy of these scoundrel NNB jamiat molvis. These fat molvis siphon off from the Zakaat and Lillah funds R50,000 monthly per each scoundrel molvi. They abuse and misuse the charity funds to promote their haraam, fisq and fujoor projects.

Muslims are required to employ their Aqal (Intelligence). They should understand that it is haraam to contribute funds to these scoundrels who are masquerading as Deeni personnel when in reality they are members of the League of Shayaateen.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the Arsh of Allah shudders when a bid’ati or a faasiq is honoured, and the one who honours such scoundrels aids in the demolition of Islam. This is precisely what the NNB jamiat scoundrel, khanaazeer molvis had been doing at the function where they honoured the faasiqah, faajirah and kaafirah and joined her most shamelessly to devour the haraam food served. The filth and villainy of these rubbish molvis can perhaps be better depicted with expletives of the gutter type, which unfortunately, and regrettably, cannot be employed in print.


14 Rajab 1443 – 16 February 2022

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