“Physicians and patients rarely realise how much the treatment is responsible for increased and prolonged suffering and death. Physicians are unaware of their (harmful) fallacy to ‘eat plenty of nourishing food to keep up your strength’…

Delirium, spasm, peritonitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, heart trouble, sleeping sickness etc are listed among the complications of influenza. These develop in those who are fed and drugged.

“Whether the condition is severe cold, influenza, or pneumonia, the first thing is to stop eating. Absolutely no food, but water, should be allowed until the acute symptoms have subsided. No drugs of any kind should be resorted to.

”Go to bed and rest. Keep warm. Rest, fasting, warmth – these are the needs. Have plenty of fresh air in your room. Under these conditions you may lie in bed and get well in a short time with no complications and no sequels.

” You don’t need treatment. The fever, inflammation, coughing etc constitute the healing process. Just get out of their way and permit them to complete their work. Don’t try to aid nature – she doesn’t need your puny aid – she only asks that you cease interfering.”

(Dr Herbert Shelton, one of the greatest and most successful advocates of natural methods of healing in the 20th century in the West)


Dr Trall practiced medicine in the USA during the mid-19th century, a time when diseases like cholera, typhoid, typhus, measles, smallpox, scarlet fever, pneumonia and dysentry were epidemic. He practised conventional medicine until 1840, at which point he rebelled against the drugging and suppressive treatments because of their consistently high fatality rate.

From 1846-1862 Trall treated many hundreds of sick patients with not one drug or suppressive measure. Many were severely ill suffering from these “killer diseases”.

Trall used Natural Hygiene measures only. These consisted of water-only fasting, no drugs whatsoever, fresh air, complete bed rest and quiet.

He lost NOT ONE patient in those 16 years. They ALL recovered.

Trall believed that the human body was capable of recovery in the vast majority of cases provided it was NOT interfered with: no food, no drugs, no heat or hydropathic (water) treatments, no excitement, no exercise.

Let the fevers run their course, watch the vomiting or diarrhoea expel the noxious toxic load, and allow the skin to eliminate the internal putrescence, were Trall’s directives. Then slowly re-feed the patient on a vegetarian diet back to robust health.

Trall stated:

”The effect of drugging is to lock up the causes of disease within the system, and to induce chronic and worse diseases. The remedial struggle, the disease – should be aided so that it may successfully accomplish its work of purification, not subdued or thwarted with poisons which create new drug diseases, and thus embarrass and complicate the vital struggle…”

Don’t forget that medical error is admitted officially to be the third largest cause of deaths in the US – around 300,000 fatalities by modern allopathic “treatment” per year. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It only takes into account what they have admitted on record to be a medical accident.

The astronomical number does not include deaths caused by any one of the countless “medicines” that have been prescribed to millions of patients before having to be pulled from the market after discovering, often after many years, that the “medicine” was actually deadly.

So, for example, none of the tens of millions of prescriptions issued for a deadly “wonder drug” such as Vioxx which has recently been found to be a direct inducer of heart attacks, having been directly linked to over a 150,000 deaths already, would have been counted as a medical error.

Considering the facts above, it is likely that western allopathic medicine is, by far, the single largest cause of deaths in the Western world.

6 Rajab 1443 – 8 February 2022

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