Is fatwa below on fatwa website correct? My wife wanted to know.

Is it permissible for a Woman to have an injection for the purpose of delaying menstruation to enable her go through ibadah like Hajj or Umrah?

In principle, a woman should not tamper with and alter the natural state of her body as created by Allāh Ta’ala. Generally, a woman would know her monthly cycle and may then make use of calculations to determine a suitable date to perform Umrah.
The use of such injections would, however, be permitted under unavoidable circumstances such as in the case of Hajj wherein a woman would be unable to perform the obligatory Tawāf (al-Ziyārah) before her departure date from Makkah.
This is also provided that it is done under the medical guidance of one’s doctor and is not proven harmful to the body.
The fatwa is moronic. In the first place it does not answer the question. The question is about permissibility of perpetrating the satanic unnatural act of taking medication to prevent haidh for the purpose of going to perform Hajj and even Nafl Umrah.
The questioner does not ask about specifically Tawaaf Ziyaarat. Since this mufti is in bewilderment and off the track in shoving his own implied question into the Istifta’, he relates the question to Tawaaf Ziyaarat to produce his idea of “unavoidable circumstances”.
He says that the satanism is permissible “under unavoidable circumstances”. What is so “unavoidable” about not going for Hajj and Umrah? Today, even Fardh Hajj should be delayed due to the vaccination and other acts of shaitaaniyat.
Then the mufti speaks more drivel by saying: “This is also provided that it is done under the medical guidance of one’s doctor and is not proven harmful to the body.”
Shaitaan has really convoluted the brains and thinking of the muftis of today. Firstly 99.9% of doctors today are faasiq and even atheists. Their advice is satanic rubbish. The logical conclusion of this drivel is that if the satanic medication is harmful for the body then it will not be permissible. If so, then what happens to her Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat? In the understanding of this mufti chap, omitting Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat should qualify the woman for the satanic medication because it does constitute “unavoidable circumstances”, regardless of what her doctor says and regardless of it being harmful to her body. This mufti should answer this question. It is not for us at this juncture to present the answer. We merely point out the contradiction and drivel of his fatwa.
Let it be known and understood well that whatever method / medication is adopted to interfere with the natural process created by Allah Ta’ala is always harmful. It is by the intervention of Iblees. What the fussaaq-atheists doctors say is trash to be compulsorily discarded.
It is haraam for a woman to go for Hajj and even worse for Umrah if she has to resort to haraam

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