Question: The supreme court of Pakistan has ordered the demolition of a Musjid (Madina Musjid) in Karachi on the basis of urban zoning regulations having been violated. Is the order of the court valid according to the Shariah? Pakistan is supposed to be an Islamic Republic as is stated in its Constitution.


Understand well, that Pakistan, more appropriately, Napakistan (The Impure Land) is not an Islamic country. The claim of it being an ‘Islamic’ republic is dastardly false. From its very inception in 1947, contrary to the much-vaunted proclamation of the establishment of a Shariah-Sunnah state by the munaafiq politicians who were all agents of Iblees, Pakistan NEVER was an Islamic state, nor was there any sincere attempt by its founders to establish a Shariah state.

However, they succeeded to befuddle even our very senior Ulama with their deception, and to ensnare their support for the establishment of a separate state to fulfil the demand of the conspiracy of their colonial master, Britain. Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) laments the pipe dream which he too had entertained. But, alas! His cry and lament were expressions of futility. Hadhrat Shafi makes mention of this Pakistani pipe dream in the introduction of his Ma-aariful Qur’aan. However, Mufti Taqi has very conveniently deleted it from the English translation for a very obvious reason: he is in cahoots with the kufr government of Pakistan.

The regime in Pakistan or Napakistan has abolished the entire Shariah, but persists with the deception of the nom deplume of ‘Islamic Republic’ for the consumption of ignoramuses. The courts in Napakistan are KUFR courts which operate strictly in accord with western law. It is therefore no surprise that the murtad judge decreed the demolition of the Musjid.

Right here in South Africa, some molvis, notably of the NNB jamiat and of the Pork Certifier MJC, had not so long ago, petitioned the kuffaar court to ‘demolish’ not one Musjid, but all the Musaajid throughout the country. These rotten molvis with kufr percolating from every aperture and pour of their bodies, begged and pleaded with the kuffaar court to close all the Musajid in the country. They furthermore had the shaitaani audacity and kufr temerity of branding all the Musaajid to be ‘super spreaders’ of disease.

Relevant to the judge of the Pakistani supreme court, these South African shayaateen posing as molvis and sheikhs are worse. While the judge in Pakistan ordered the demolition of one Musjid, the filthy khanaazeer molvis and sheikhs in South Africa pleaded with the kuffaar court to demolish a thousand Musaajid – all Musaajid and all Jamaat Khanahs of the country.

We are living in an era in close proximity of Qiyaamah. More heart-breaking events are yet to transpire.

16 Jamadith Thaani 1443 – 19 January 2021

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