Q.. Immediately after Maghrib Fardh Salaat, a Tablighi brother reads the kitaab for a couple of minutes. I got up with the intention to perform Sunnat Salaat. Another Tablighi brother prevented me, saying that I am disrespectful and that I should sit and listen to the kitaab-reading. What should I do?
A. Reading the kitaab immediately after Fardh Salaat is bid’ah. It prevents from the Masnoon act of performing the Sunnat Salaat immediately after the Fardh. It is not permissible to engage in anything, not even Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed before the Sunnatul Muakkadah which adjoins the Fardh Salaat. Both the reader and the chap who prevented you are disrespectful to the Deen and are bid’atis. The person who prevented you from the Sunnat Salaat is an ignoramus. Ignore him and perform your Sunnat Salaat. Do not sit to listen to the book-reading after Fardh Salaat.

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