The Error of the Akaabir is not Daleel

Islam Reigns


When Hadhrat Shaikh Zakariyya (Rahmatullah alayh) visited South Africa some decades ago he had mass I’tikaaf and loud Thikr. According to
The Majlis, this is bid’ah. How do you reconcile your view with the practices of the senior Ulama?

Answer (by Mujlisul Ulama):

We have no need to reconcile the Shariah with the views and practices of senior Ulama if their views and practices are in conflict with the Sunnah or any aspect of the Shariah.
There is the need to reconcile their practices and views with the Shariah. If such reconciliation cannot be effected, then their views and opinions have to be compulsorily set aside, and not propagated for practice
as if their acts are the Sunnah.

Senior Ulama and even Auliya also err due to short-sightedness and unawareness of the circumstances and the bid’aat in which the masses are involved. Referring to such errors of the…

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