(An extract from our forthcoming book, The Ambiyaa of Allah)
“There has come to you from your Rabb a Clear Proof. This is the Camel of Allah. It is for you a clear sign, therefore leave to graze in the land of Allah, and do not touch her with evil (harm), for then Allah will apprehend you with a Painful Punishment.”
(Surah Al-A’raaf).

…Hadhrat Nabi Saalih (Alayhis salaam) then supplicated to Allah Ta’ala and the small group of Muslims said ‘Aameen’. Simultaneously, a loud sound was heard from the mountain, and out emerged an extremely beautiful she-camel. She was munching fresh grass. No one had ever seen such a beautiful camel. Moments after her emergence she gave birth to a baby camel. By the command of Allah, immediately a fountain of water and a pasture land came into existence. The camel began grazing in this green land.
The Thamud consisted of seven tribes. Despite all of them acquiring water from this fountain, the quantity remained the same. However, when the camel went to the fountain, she drank up all the water. Allah Ta’ala revealed to Saalih (Alayhis salaam) to inform his people to milk the camel. All seven tribes obtained milk from the camel. They filled their containers with milk. There was no shortage of milk. On the command of Allah Ta’ala, Nabi Saalih (Alayhis salaam) explained to his people that one day per week has been set aside for only the camel to drink water from the well. The people should obtain water on the other days. The day the camel drank will be the day that they were allowed to milk her.
The camel roamed about freely. Wherever she went to graze or drink water, all other animals would flee. Hadhrat Saalih (Alayhis salaam) warned them from harming this camel in any way whatsoever. She was the Camel of Allah. Should she be harmed, the severe punishment of Allah would settle on them. The people honoured their pledge although the vast majority did not accept Imaan. They derived considerable benefit from the camel’s milk. The milk was in such abundance which enabled them to make butter and to sell the milk products. In fact they derived considerable wealth from the milk of this camel.
Four hundred years passed in this peaceful state. One day, ten noblemen from his people approached him. Nabi Saalih (Alayhis salaam) informed them that a boy who will be born to them during this month will be the cause for the destruction of the nation. Coincidentally, the wives of these ten noblemen were pregnant. All ten gave birth to boys. Nine women killed their infant boys, but one woman did not. She named the child Qadaar. He grew up a young, strong man. The nine women now regretted their action of killing their babies. They blamed Hadhrat Saalih (Alayhis salaam), saying that he is a liar having misinformed them. Thus, they reneged from their Imaan. Their attitude towards the camel changed.
One day, Qadaar and eight others from the other tribes, after consuming wine schemed to kill the camel. They plotted to kill the camel when she came to the fountain to drink water. When the camel lowered her head to drink water, Qadaar struck her with an arrow. The camel attacked, and they all fled. One person from the group approached from behind and struck the legs of the camel with a sword. When the camel fell, the accursed others returned and killed her.
When the young camel saw her mother’s condition, she fled. The evil group pursued her. However, she entered into the mountain from the rock from whence her mother had emerged, and disappeared. …

from the majlis volume 26 number03

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