00:00 – 00:17Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi Ta’ala wa Barakaat. Uh, dear brothers. Ya akhwan. I pray you guys are well. I pray my voice message comes through to each and every single one of you in the best possible manner. And I pray, Insha-Allah, your families are well and healthy and doing better, Insha-Allah. 
00:18 – 01:05Uh, this is brother Faizal. And I wanted to take out, brothers, literally just five minutes of your time to kind of bring something very, very important to your attention. Some of you may actually have known this. Uh, I’m usually very late to most parties in terms of information and you know, certain things and what’s really happening around me. But in the event that Insha-Allah, that you guys are not aware of it, I’d like to bring something to your attention, Insha-Allah. Uh… I had actually also informed one of the brothers in the group, uh, Abdullah, uh, about this. And it’s something that’s happened to me after that conversation I had with him — two or three times after that. So, Insha-Allah, if you guys are aware of this, I apologise for telling you something you already know, but for those of you that don’t — please just four, four or five minutes of your, of your time. 
01:06 – 02:04Uh, a couple of, uh, weeks ago, two weeks to be more specific. Uh, I went out with uh, two, three of my colleagues here and we went out to a, uh, a restaurant. But before that, I’d like to start from the beginning. A few months back, actually. My wife and I went to, uh, TGI Fridays here in Buraydah [بريدة‎]. And we went. When we went to that restaurant —. Uh, I’m usually a creature of habit. There are things that I like to do and I don’t like changes. I like to order food that I’m very familiar with, that I like. I don’t like to switch around all the time. So I ordered a burger that I’m very familiar with, that I like, I’ve tasted, I’ve eaten in the past from TGI Fridays. Only brothers, when that burger was brought to me, I noticed that there was something different about the burger, specifically the meat. So I asked the guy, “This meat looks a little bit different. What is it?” And he goes to me — Subhaanallaah — “This is bacon”. So I said to him, “You mean, beef bacon?” And he goes, “No, no, no, it’s PORK bacon”

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