The Demonisation of Tablighi Jama`ah: The Latest Attack on Islam by Saudi MBS (Muhammad bin Salman)

Islam Reigns

By Umar Rumi

The recent brazen attack by Saudi against Tabligh has left some people confused about why all of this is happening. See here for context:

It’s unfortunate that even people of knowledge still haven’t woken up to the clear agenda to deform Islam in countries like Saudi and the UAE – to make Islam irrelevant to Muslims and to spread kufr secular liberal values and kufr ideologies such as secularism, nationalism, humanism and perennialism among Muslims. Tabligh, which is a movement that aims to reform and inculcate religiosity among the Muslims, is a hindrance against their evil agenda, and so, demonising them is all part of the plan.

The truth of the matter is that since its very inception, Saudi has been an agent of non-Muslim power to prevent the Ummah from reunifying under a Khilafah (an actual obligation of our Din[1]): ever since their rebellion against…

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