Another ‘Bukhari’ jalsah of riya, israaf and takabbur is being organized by the NNB jamiat (NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT OF FORDSBURG). It is indeed lamentable for Ulama to grace these superfluous functions which are deceptively adorned with Deeni hues, and which have now fully entered into the domain of Bid’ah.

While the Muslim Ummah is ablaze worldwide in the conflagration of jahaalat, poverty and suffering in humiliation at the boots of the kuffaar – while millions of Muslims are languishing in abject squalor, both physical and spiritual, and in dire straits of want and misery, the molvis are enjoying themselves with nafsaani gratification in the name of the Deen.

Bukhari jalsahs have outlived their utility. This type of function was initially innovated in the Darul Ulooms of India with the sole motive of soliciting funds for the upkeep of the Madaaris where the vast majority of the students were from poverty-stricken homes. However, in South Africa, the motive underlying jalsahs is merrymaking, riya and takabbur. Huge sums of money are wastefully squandered in organizing these futile functions which are devoid of any merit.

We ask these molvis gracing the Bukhari jalsah: If a calamity has befallen your homes – if your homes are on fire – if there is a death in your home, will you still come forward to participate in the merrymaking? Obviously, the molvi sahib whose house is on flames will never participate in any jalsah. Now what is the difference regarding the misery of the Ummah at large and the misery in your home – such misery which will preclude your participation in a futile, merrymaking jalsah?

Molvis from foreign countries undertake journeys to participate in these mock, bid’ah jalsahs of riya, takabbur and israaf. They feel at home and snug travelling during these times of massive fitnah and fasaad. They happily submit to the kufr satanic protocols of the atheists, which are incumbent encumbrances during travel. These molvis teach Hadith and are supposed to be aware that Rasulullash (Sallalalhu alayhi wasallam) said: “Journey is part of the Fire.” This applies to a perfectly halaal journey. When the journey is for the purpose of attending a mock, bid’ah, futile function, the aggravation is multiplied manifold.

They squander huge sums of public funds to come and flaunt ‘knowledge’ and participate in the merrymaking which is the hallmark and most salient feature of all jalsahs of today. Their amal is in stark conflict with their feigned holy disgorgement adorned with Qur’aan and Hadith. These molvis, even if they are ‘hadhrats’ and ‘shaikhul hadiths’ should hang their heads with shame. They should understand that they have become signs of Qiyaamah.

When the Ummah is burning and suffering in misery, these hadhrats promote merrymaking jalsahs. If they look deep into their hearts with ikhlaas, they will not fail to realize the thief of insincerity lurking therein. The Qu’raan Majeed says:

“In fact Insaan has baseerah over his nafs even though he proffers excuses

(to justify his nafsaaniyat).”

This aayat has valid application for the molvis participating in these kinds of jalsahs. Even Darul Uloom Deoband has discontinued this practice. Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) has roundly criticized jalsahs even if the organizers have 100% Ikhlaas and even if the function will be devoid of any un-Islamic activity.

Even the liberal Mufti Taqi Sahib has finally understood the villainy of these mock, bid’ah ‘Bukhari’ jalsahs. We reproduce here his recent statement:

Now since there is very little time, I shall therefore, Insha Allah, according to the directive, recite the last Baab of Bukhari Shareef Insha Allah, and my dear students have submitted that I give them ijaazat of Hadith. Insha Allah I shall do that as well.

However, before that I wish to submit (guzaarish) something. The guzaarish is that for some time now the ceremonies of Bukhari Shareef that have started in every street, every neighbourhood, every Madrasah; in such a way that I fear that these are going in the direction of Bid’at. This is also becoming an Urs. And I am the culprit behind it. For perhaps I was the first; upon Hazrat Maulana Nazeer Ahmed Saheb telling me in Faisalabad’s Jaamia Imdaadiyah Khatme-e-Bukhari. I attended and for several years I would attend.

At that time this thing was not so widespread. But now for Khatm-e-Bukhari elaborate invitations are printed and handed out; notices are put up and then people are invited; and then someone is called from out of town; an extravagant gathering (ijtima) is enacted. My heartfelt appeal is that this should be reviewed.

This is a place [the Madrasah] where Bid’aat are uprooted. They are uprooted or not? So, if from here, if the end of this Bid’at is announced then it will be much appreciated. Or I don’t say that it is a Bid’at, but it will become (a Bida’t), if such importance is attached to it. Is it not so, O Maulana Abdul Ghaffaar Saheb? (Jee, Jee)

For this reason, it is my appeal that you reconsider. There were Khatm-e-e-Bukharis in Darul Uloom Deoband as well. There were also by Hazrat Shaikhul Hind (Rahmatullahi alaih); also by Hazrat Shah Anwar Shah Saheb Kashmiri (Rahmatullahi alaih) also by Hazrat Maulana Madani (Rahmatullahi alaih). Did you ever here that those illustrious personalities organized a Huge Jalsah for Khatm-e-Buhakri?!

Since some things initially seem appealing, however, later when it is incumbently carried out, and if any Madrasah does not have it then it is looked upon as strange. “They did not even have a Bukhari Khatm!”. So, this Iltizaam Maa Laa Yalzam (making incumbent that which is not incumbent) is in fact the beginning of Bid’aat.

So my request to all my brothers and friends; Maulana Abdul Ghaffaar is sitting; Maulana Zahoor Ali’s son is sitting; my request to all of them is, and I shall, Insha Allah also send this message out, that in future do not allow this to become a Bid’at. If there is dastaarbandi then let it be. However, the Saheeh Bukhari Khatm with the title Saheeh Bukhari Jalsah which are now taking place, I understand that we should desist from it. (Emphasis added)

(End of Mufti Taqi’s statement. Note: The translation is not by The Majlis)

The Bukhari jalsah organized by the NNB jamiat is exceptionally villainous. It is not expected of hadhrats and senior Muftis to attend a jalsah organized by the NNB jamiat. The so-called ‘jamiah ulum’ of the NNB jamiat juhala and agents of Iblees is an institution established to uproot the Deen. The Qur’aan and Hadith have been made handmaids of kuffaar secular education. A condition for admission, that is for learning Qur’aan and Hadith, stipulated by the shayaateenul ins (human devils) of the NNB jamiat institution is the scrap, donkey matric qualification. Minus this rubbish donkey qualification one is not admitted to study Qur’aan and Hadith.

It is unthinkable for senior Ulama to have failed to recognize the shaitaaniyat of the NNB’s ‘jamiah ulum’ which in reality is jamiatul uloomish shaitaan – the institution to promote the wiles and stunts of shaitaan. The NNB’s madrasah is a snare of Iblees to destroy the Deen. The Hadhrat and the Mufti should reflect and understand that their feet are already hanging in the Qabar. Maut is imminent. They are supposed to plan for Barzakh, not indulge in mock, merrymaking functions organized by fussaaq, fujjaar and even munaafiq NNB molvis.

It is our dua that Mufti Radha ul Haq Sahib will understand the gravity of the error of his participation in this mock, bid’ah jalsah of the NNB jamiat devils and cancel his intention.

6 Jamaadil Ula 1443 – 11 December 2021

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