Parents Shaming Children & Favoritism

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This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

There are certain things that cannot be tolerated by children. If your child has any shortcoming, don’t go around singing to people about it. When child finds out that my parent is speaking ill about me to everyone. This is an opportunity for the devil to incite the child to rebel. The issues of home should be dealt at home not public. If you have someone close or confidant who will preserve everyone’s honor, you can confide in them that my child is not listening to me. But if you go around telling everyone that my child doesn’t listen to me, is disobedient etc. When children find out the devil incites them what’s the point of being obedient now given that your own parents have humiliated you?

The next mistake that parents do is…

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