QUESTION I have recently come across a letter regarding vaccination being haraam issued by the Mujlisul Ulama. As a youngster I am astounded as to the disensus among the Ulama. This misinformation is worrying because I now do not know what to believe. My concern arises from the following points:
The Saudi Government has released a statement that no one will be allowed to go for Hajj and Umrah if we have not  taken a vaccine. Firstly, if this is the case what does it mean for me because I have not yet fulfilled my obligations in terms of Hajj and Umrah. It is widely known that this is compulsory once we can afford it.
The second point I would like clarification, is that the Prophet (saw) said in Sahih Bukhari book: 71, Hadith 582: “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.” To my knowledge the vaccination is the cure to this virus.
As a University student, we are taught to question and not just accept things at face value, thus, my question is what is the proof for the claim that the vaccine is Haraam? (This attitude acquired from the universities of the atheists has destroyed the Imaan of millions of ignorant Muslims. These universities have converted Muslim students to Irtidaad, i.e. they have become murtadds. You have no right to question the Tauheed of Allah Ta’ala and His commands. Yes, it is Waajib to question and reject the kufr theories of your atheist masters –The Majlis), What ingredients that are used in the vaccine are Haraam? And what is the Quranic injunction or Hadith that supports this claim that vaccines are Haraam?
In conclusion, I hope Imaam can assist me with the above, so that I may have clarity and Insh-Allah be able to understand the reasons for the vaccine being haraam. In addition to what I should do in order to fulfil my Hajj obligation as ordained to us in the Quran.
Your dilemma stems from the fact that you are a student of a university which promotes kuffaar values, atheistic theories and corrupt ideas. Hence the mind is fitted in a secular straitjacket to view all things through the coloured glasses provided by the western kuffaar. The mind becomes befogged with the kufr junk with which universities brainwash students.
Understand well that in the current circumstances Hajj will not be compulsory. As long as the kuffaar MBS regime enforces the protocols and agenda of the atheist kuffaar, it will not be permissible to go for Hajj and Umrah.
You lack the expertise for understanding the Hadith. It is not permissible to extract Ahaadith from the Hadith Kutub and then subject it to your personal opinion as you are tutored to do by your atheists, fussaaq and fujjaar teachers. This is a prescription for kufr and destruction of Imaan.
We have explained the issue of vaccination in great detail in numerous articles and booklets which are all available on our website.
If you are truly sincere and keen to understand this issue, do study whatever we have published. Furthermore, also study the innumerable research studies of kuffaar medical doctors, experts and scientists who have vigorously condemned vaccines, vaccination and the protocols of the atheists who have plotted this great fraud called covid.


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