Do we say Bismillah when pouring boiling water in the sink or floor?

Q. Ibn Baaz the late grand mufti of KSA (Rahimahullah) was asked:  “Do we say Bismillah when pouring boiling water in the sink or floor?”  He replied: “Yes it’s very necessary to say Bismillah when about to pour a hot water in the sink because there are always Jinns in these areas too”. And Shaikh added:  “I happened to be present at a home where ruqya was taking place, and the Shaikh asked the Jinn: “Why are you disturbing this innocent man?” The jinn replied:  “He poured a hot water on my little children and killed one.”
The Shaikh replied: “But you know he didn’t see, because we can’t visibly see you.” The jinn said: “Why didn’t he mention Allah’s name “Bismillah? The child would have been aware and would have moved.” 
This clearly means, whenever we mention the name of Allah it serves like a signal, it make them aware and they will move away.  Make sure you always say “Bismillah” entering your room, putting on your clothes, wearing your shoes, pouring boiled water in sinks or gutters, or even on the floor.” 
(End of Ibn Baaz’s narrative)
Please advice if this is correct. 
A. It is correct to recite ‘Bismillaah’ when commencing any activity, even when pouring water or boiling water into the sink or onto the floor. While it is possible for jinn to have been present where the Shaikh was doing Ruqyah to exorcise the jinn, it does not follow that there are jinn at all times in the sink. Nevertheless, it is necessary to recite Bismillaah whenever commencing any lawful act.


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