Sister Fatima Ismail of Port Elizabeth writes:

“ AssalamuAlaykumWa Rahmatullahi WaBarakatu.

I want to say Jazakallah so much for your response to my question. After giving it a lot of thought, I realise that you are right. Especially in today’s world. I also want to tell you that after that article was released, that Male Mathematics Teacher was “dismissed”. I say “dismissed” because I have been keeping a close eye on the school and I have been corresponding with the teachers.

The principal of Nasruddin has done this so that the public can cool down, so that we can think that they are finally taking some action. Well… No, they aren’t. Nasruddin has a history of having Male Teachers like this working there and even after stories and facts have come out, those teachers have been kept on. Even the Coach was exposed for touching girls but he still works there. Nasruddin needs another principal or they need to be shut down. They also need to remove the word ‘Islam’ from their name because they are really making a mockery of Islam.

I can’t comprehend how the Principal is comfortable with having these types of characters associated with the school and how she has been allowed to run the school for so long after so many instances of sexual harassment by teachers towards their students.

After the article was published, I was more shocked and disgusted at some of the people who are a part of the PE Muslimah Facebook page, specifically the ladies. They made a post that said they are being inundated with requests to post that article from the Majlis on their page so that more people can see it. Their response was no. They didn’t want to get the backlash of it and they then went on to say that making accusations like those against a male teacher is very serious and zina is haraam and that if there is a problem at the school then the people need to go to the principal and have their voices heard.

If they read my question correctly, they would see that I did say that many teachers, students and parents have complained to the principal but nothing is being done! That is why I came to The Majlis for advice. The females who were commenting on this rather decided to focus on your response that females shouldn’t go to school at all. What kind of world do we live in where people are more comfortable arguing with what a Moulana has said and less comfortable with exposing a pedophile?

Do these ladies from the PE Muslimah group realise that it’s because of people like them that victims of sexual harassment and abuse refuse to come forward and expose their perpetrators? This was not an accusation based on fiction. This was an accusation based on witness accounts from students and teachers. So are all these students and teachers lying about what they have witnessed?

Are the ladies of PE Muslimah telling all these students and teachers that their experiences mean nothing and that they are invalid?

I expected more from these WOMEN! What if it was their daughters? Their sisters? Would they still turn the other way.

One of the ladies even thought that it was nice to mention that she has had male teachers for all her life and nothing has ever happened to her. Like she was so proud about it. How ignorant can you be? These things are happening on a daily basis, but she is just fine with it because it’s never happened to her.

Also, the people of PE need to buck up and stop being cowards. If they see something, (misdemeanours), they should say something. They need to stop trying to hide, especially when something as serious as this happens because they need to remember that ‘bad men are made when good men stand by and watch what happens’. (i.e. When they abstain from Amr Bil Ma’roof –The Majlis)

We as Muslims need to stand up when we see something wrong. If we know that this Male Teacher is doing inappropriate things to the students and we say nothing, we too get the sin! Jazakallah again for your response and for your time.


The Sister’s second response to our query:

“Jee, Fatima Ismail is my name and you may publish it.

The Maths Teachers name is Mubeen Rawat (not sure about the spelling). The students and teachers have all the information as they have been talking about this the most. If someone is sent in to do an investigation or question them, especially the students, I am sure that they will say what has been happening. As they were very relieved when he was “dismissed” on Tuesday. The students actually call him a pedophile. So that says a lot.”

(End of the Sister’s letter)

Our Comment

It is high time that this shaitaani school be re-named NASRUSH-SHAITAAN. Nasruddin means: ‘Aid for the Deen or aiding the Deen.” However, this school, far, very far from being an Aid to the Deen, is actually destructive of the Deen, hence the name NASRUSH-SHAITAAN has greater relevance and is most appropriate for this Institution of Iblees.

Besides the haraam misdemeanours to which the Sister has drawn attention, these schools teach Fisq, Fujoor and Kufr. In this regard we reproduce our article and Naseehat which we had published in 2017.

1 Rabiul Thaani 1443 – 6 November 2021

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