1. The Holy Qur’an states: “Whoever obeys Allah (Almighty God) and His Messenger
    (Muhammad), verily, he has achieved a great success.” (Ahzaab, Verse 71)
    Obedience unto Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad) is incumbent upon all Muslims
    in all spheres of life.
  2. Regarding medication, our Holy Prophet Muhammad said: “Allah has not created cure
    for my People (Muslims) in substances which He has made unlawful for them.” (Books
    on Prophetical Traditions)
  3. In Islam, medical treatment is not obligatory. However, it is permissible to use
    medicines which comprise of Halaal and Tayyib (pure, wholesome and lawful)
    substances. Thus, it is un-Islamic to impose or enforce vaccination on a Muslim when
    even normal halaal medical treatment is not incumbent.
  4. The ingredients of vaccination are questionable. The question of aborted babies and an
    avalanche of other filth associated with the vaccine industry, are extremely repugnant to
    Muslims and Islamic Beliefs. Many of the ingredients and excipients brought to light have
    convinced Muslims of the unlawful (Haraam) components which vaccines are laced with.
    In addition to so many unpronouncable ingredients, an industry which deals in filth such
    as ethanol, monkey cells, aborted babies, etc. is simply not conducive to Islamic teachings.
  5. In fact, Islam does not even recognize vaccination as medical treatment. This is simply
    because vaccination is the introduction of disease into the body. In Islam, it is not
    permissible to introduce diseases and viruses into one’s body, regardless of the imagined
    ‘benefits’ claimed by some people. Therefore, according to the Shariah (Divine Law of
    Islam), even on the assumption that vaccine ingredients are Halaal, then too, the very
    method of vaccination is by itself Haraam (inpermissible). The introduction into the body
    of harmful and poisonous filth is strictly prohibited by the Shariah.
  6. On another note, vaccines have been proven to cause the very diseases which they are
    supposed to eliminate, as well as more previously unheard of diseases. Hence, there is no
    guarantee that vaccines even protect a person from diseases. In reality, innumerable
    people after being vaccinated, contracted the very disease for which they were inoculated!
    There are thousands of pages written by medical experts in condemnation of vaccination
    which they have exposed as a myth and as the devil’s poison.
    And in Islam, it is not permissible to inject harmful substances into one’s body. Spiritually
    and physically, vaccines are extremely dangerous for a Muslim who is conscious of
    always pleasing his Creator.
  7. Since vaccines are harmful, it is unbecoming for a Muslim to vaccinate himself and
    introduce diseases into his body to combat a future disease. A Muslim places his trust in
    Allah (Almighty God) and a Muslim is not allowed to violate the Shariah. A Muslim
    cannot place his trust in unlawful and impermissible things. Therefore, it is sinful for
    Muslims to vaccinate.
    CONCLUSION: Vaccination is repulsive and abhorrent to our religious beliefs. The one
    who voluntarily submits to vaccination is guilty of a major sin. Therefore, it is not
    permissible for Muslims to submit to vaccination.
    We hope and pray that you will consider our letter favourably and with a positive heart.
    Our Special Prayers are for all those who do not enforce vaccination on others.
    May Allah (Almighty God) guide us all towards the Right Path and save us all from the
    Fire of Hell. Aameen
    Yours faithfully,
    Jamiatul Ulama Northern Cape

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