Why does Modern Education lead to Irreligiousness??

Islam Reigns

By Hasan Mahfooz

Education around the world today is founded on a godless paradigm with multiple erroneous philosophies:

1. Naturalism: the idea that the physical world is all that exists with no higher power or supernatural

2. Subjective Morality: the idea that good and evil are relative ane determined by humans;

3. Scientism: the idea that knowledge can *only* be acquired through empirical means;

4. Secularism: the idea that God is irrelevant whether He exists or not

An impressionable child who undergoes rigorous “education (i.e. brainwashing) for 12-20 years, soaks
the underlying presuppositions of the education system, which are atheistic/naturalistic.

It is no wonder, then, that masses of people become either secular – separating religion from life – or atheist after receiving an education.

More education, thus, leads to more irreligiousness.

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