The truth about Raza Khan

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In British came to India, they
brought forward some individuals
to divide the Muslims and
strengthen their rule. Mirza Ghulam
Ahmed Qadyani and Ahmed Raza
Khan Beralwi were among those
individuals. Both gave fatwas that
it is haram to fight the British.
Anyone who was against the British
rule, Ahmed Raza Khan & co made
their takfeer. These individuals
also supported the British in their
fight against the Ottoman Empire.
These people wrote books in support
of Sharif of Makkah while he was
revolting against the Ottomans.
They opposed any movement that
was set up for the benefit of
Muslims. Ahmed Raza opposed
Khilafat Movement which purpose
was to save the Ottoman Empire.
He also opposed Non-cooperation
Movement.Ahmad Rida Khan from
Bareilly, was born in the year 1856
and died in the year 1921 CE. His
father’s name was Naqi Ali Khan
and his grandfather’s name was

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