Muslim women resemble pearls and Americans are mere prostitutes.

American writer Joanna Francis says:
Muslim women resemble pearls and Americans are mere prostitutes.
The American writer and journalist Joanna Francis expressed admiration for Muslim women, reminding them of their strength, beauty, decency and happiness.

The author noted in an article entitled:
“If you are curious about having sex before marriage,”
Muslim women lead a normal life, as women have always lived since the beginning of life.

Joanna Francis criticized American women and life in the West.
“Everything comes from Hollywood but a collection of lies, a distortion of truth, smoke and mirrors.
They view sex as natural as an indestructible entertainment because they aim to destroy the moral fabric of societies by directing them to their audiovisual programs.

She called on Muslim writers not to follow foreigners in their way of thinking and to stay away from anything related to the West.
“They will try to entice you with the tapes and music that tickle your bodies, with us falsely portraying us as happy and satisfied and proud of our dress that is like a prostitute and convinced that we have no families.
In fact most women are not happy, believe me.
Millions of us take antidepressant drugs, we hate our actions and weep at night.

They want to destroy your families and try to persuade you to have a few children. They do this by portraying marriage as a form of slavery, that motherhood is a curse, and that decency and purity are obsolete.
They want but rejection and loss of faith.
They are like a snake who seduced Eve with an apple, so don’t bite off. ”

In the same vein, the American writer believes that the dress of Muslim women modest is more attractive than any Western costume, because, according to them, surrounded by ambiguity, respect and confidence, saying that the sex appeal of women should be protected from trivial eyes, and this attraction should be the gift of women to the man who He loves and respects her for the purpose of marriage, likening Muslim women to precious gems. “
In my eyes you are as precious gems, pure gold or “high value pearl”.

Joanna Francis warned Muslim women not to imitate the West, saying:
“I noticed that some Muslim women go beyond the borders and try to imitate the West as much as possible and even wear the hijab (showing some of their feelings).
Why should we imitate women who regret their lost virtue or will soon lose it?
There is no compensation for that loss. You are flawless diamonds. Do not allow them to cheat on you and turn you into worthless stones, because all you see in Western fashion magazines and Western television are lies.
It is the trap of Satan or Satan.
It is a false gold. ”
She added:
“But we American women have tricked us into making us believe that we will be happier with jobs, owning our own homes and living alone, and the freedom to give love to anyone we choose… this is not freedom, nor is it love. A woman’s body and heart feel safe by giving love only within the marital safe haven. Do not settle for anything less, and the matter is not worth it otherwise, and you will not like it, but will not be satisfied with yourself later.

The American writer concluded by saying:
“My sisters don’t be deceived, don’t let them deceive you, and keep women chaste and clean. We Christians need to see life as it should be for women. We need you to set an example for us because we got lost. If you stick to your purity, remember that toothpaste cannot be returned inside the tube.
Therefore, women should take care of this paste with care. ”

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