Vaccinate or not

Update from Dr S Vosloo.

Dr Susan Vosloo
Top heart specialist

[Copied- From Dr Susan Vosloo’s Channel:]

“Most people I speak to, who accepted or support the vaccine, seem to be making more of an emotional decision than anything else…

I have literally personally read and studied scientific publications, listened to HIGHLY qualified doctors, and VERY higher-grade discussions, and I personally cannot – even for a second – understand how people can make any decision without properly studying both sides of the argument.
As an example, I read the actual Pfizer Study Papers, their EUA Applications, Approvals, AND Information sheets, and I am VERY worried for my friends who are not informed about the risks I see SO CLEARLY…

But again – it will come down to who is wrong, and who is right, I suppose…
My concern is that – if I am wrong – I can always take the vaccine later.

If anyone who takes the vaccine is wrong – they have signed what might turn out to be a death sentence, purely through ignorance – because they “did the right thing.”

All these very qualified doctors, virologists, microbiologists, pulmonologists, evolutionary biologists, the co-inventor of mRNA, the inventor of the PCR test… All these highly credentialed people do presentations in great detail about the risks, the pathology, the mechanism of inoculation, the formation of T-Cells, Spike-Proteins, Messenger RNA, and all manner of highly scientific discussions, around the risks of the vaccine…

Why would people think that all these people are simply conspiracy nuts, poor scientists, liars, and theorists, who benefit (somehow) from speaking out so verbally while risking their careers?

THAT is what concerns me… If they are right. If their concerns turn out to be true. If a D-Dymer Test is the ONLY way to know if you’re a ticking time-bomb to die from micro-capillary clotting (already proven), in 2, 3, or 5 years – way beyond the scope of the 60day EUA tests – what is our future going to look like?

I am more willing to be judged and labeled than to take risks like this with my health, just because “it’s the right thing to do,” versus being swayed by real, consistent science, and verified facts…

I am not going to make a decision on my future health, based on the emotional blackmail used by governments, the media, friends who “unfriend” and label me, or those who benefit most from my compliance.

That’s probably the most accurate description of where I am, right now, that I have ever typed… “

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