By Amir Telibecrovic

If some population, country, community, state or even city, goes through devastating war with a lot dead victims and a lot of refugees displaced out of such a country, plus with genocide on top of that, what would be the natural response after the war and genocide from the nation? Improving a birth rate probably, encouraging more children to be born if possible, raising awareness of the importance of the nation growth, recovering community. In popular English terminology it would be promotion and encouragement of the ‘baby boom.’

Bosnia is a country like that. Less than three decades ago, it went through the imposed war and genocide. Still, birth rate recovery was going slowly after the war, due to economic difficulties and also the fact many people left a country. In some parts of the country, there was a post-war ‘baby boom,’ shortly, but in general, whole population needs more encouragement in this field. But today, public promotion of something opposite is going on.

Registered homosexual movements and organizations in Bosnia, are gaining more social and political rights than young parents who are waiting for their babies, or just planning to start a new family. Political elites among the Bosniaks have already approved LGBTIQ public parade back in 2019, on the streets of Sarajevo. Recently, this year, second street parade of the homosexuals in the Bosnian capital was approved and held. In both cases, parade was sponsored and financed from the outside of the country, yet, besides that support, this time new political establishment in Sarajevo also donated significant amount of funds for the organization of parade. Such a funds could have been incentive for the young parents but instead, it was given for something opposite. Three years ago, some Bosnian politicians, who are nominally Muslims, approved a law (not adopted officially yet, but it’s on the way), which would enable homosexual couples to get married legally, and based on that to adopt a child one day. Does this sounds like promotion and encouragement of the birth rate in the country and nation which needs it badly? Of course it is opposite from the birth rate.

Current US ambassador to Bosnia, Eric Nelson, claim publically for himself to be gay person, although it was supposed to his private matter. Interestingly, he was nominated to this position during the administration of Donald Trump. Yet, it is believed that Trump was mainly supported by the right wing Americans who are “traditionally” against homosexuals. Obviously, things in the international diplomacy are more complex than that. So, US ambassador Eric Nelson for couple of years was openly spreading campaign in support of gay movements of Bosnia. Few times in previous two years, a huge rainbow flag was hanging from the roof of the US embassy in Sarajevo, Muslim majority city. By now, even those who are not into this topic, knows that rainbow flag is officially adopted to be international homosexual flag. Ambassador Nelson even joined gay parade when they were marching the streets, same as British and some more international diplomats working in Bosnia. Enormously big police protection was set for the parade, with snipers watching from the buildings. It felt like Sarajevo was under siege again. It all gave impression like gay people are threatened or endangered so they need the biggest possible police protection.

Yes, there have been verbal threats and few physical attacks on some them in the past, but not more than in other regional countries and not in organized way but by some individuals and football hooligans. But state and politics is supporting them, administration and bureaucracy, including foreign sponsors, are on the side of the LGBTIQ movement, and vast majority of the local media. All Bosnian mainstream media are supporting homosexual movements.

Silent Ulama

There are other categories in Bosnia which are more endangered, like refugees, immigrants, Muslims in the remote parts of the Serb nationalist dominated or Croat dominated areas of the country, a lot of unemployed people, mine workers, Roma Gypsy population, disabled veterans from the 1990s aggression on the country, peasants, industry workers, but they don’t get even one fourth of support, public attention or help as gay people, either internationally or locally.

Sarajevo is Muslim majority city, so open reactions to the public promotion of the homosexuality is expected by believers, scholars, ulama, muftis, but no, reaction was soft and mostly online by some individual imams. Bosnian grand mufti remained silent to this too. Second gay parade in Sarajevo, which happened recently, was passing literally next to one of the local mosques at the time of dhuhr adhan call to prayer. Noise was made by parade so the adhan was turned on louder from the minaret. Yet, no reactions from the local worshippers. Just when it seemed nobody would react to this injustice and public immorality, small political movement gave some hope at least. Counter parade was organized by the independent Bosnian Islamic and patriotic party called BNS-V.N.D. (Faith, People, Country/State). Movement gathered around two hundred people and marched the streets of Sarajevo the same day when homosexual parade was marching, but through different parts of the city.- https://saff.ba/u-sarajevu-odrzan-protest-ponosa-i-casti/

Large amount of police secured these two groups would not meet on the streets. Leader of the V.N.D. party, theology professor and writer Sanin Musa, invited everybody to join, and some passersby citizens did, as they walked. V.N.D. waived with old Bosnian flags, with banners holding messages about Islamic morality, justice and logic, and members of the party and movement invited everybody, regardless of their faith, to join them, because when children are endangered it matters to everybody, not only Muslims. There was no a single incident, V.N.D. was walking the streets of Sarajevo peacefully, and in front of local media, invited homosexuals to tawba, without judging them, just warning them based on the Qur’anic chapter about Lut a.s.-

Temporary sponsors?

At the same time, Sanin Musa was emphasizing on this protest that nobody cares about anybody’s private sexual preferences, as long as they are kept personal and private, but they are against public presentation or even celebration of anybody’s intimacy, especially homosexuality. Let alone this is happening in a country which is still recovering from genocide. Defenders of the public promotion of homosexuality are usually repeating how it is demanded, even dictated, from the EU (although Bosnia is not EU member). Musa was telling them it is demanded by the same EU bureaucracy who was watching devastation of Bosnia for four years, allowing ethnic cleansing and not allowing Bosnia to defend and protect itself less than 30 years ago. Local secular mainstream media was traditionally criticizing almost any public reaction or statement against public homosexuality and legalization of gay marriages.

Their journalists were ready to label V.N.D. with usual banal terminology like “extremists” or “homophobes” or “haters” or “Islamists” but in this case they remained confused. Sanin Musa and people around him acted civilized at this counter-protests, not insulting anyone, not making any incidents, inviting everyone for peaceful demonstrating, reasonably inviting LGBTIQ organizations to give up on parades, explaining them why, friendly inviting them to do something more useful instead of marching, to be aware of the consequences of their actions etc… Yet, no answer nor comment came from any of the homosexual organizations. They are in a stage when they feel a bit arrogant, maybe even superior to others because mighty US embassy is behind them, powerful European Union stands for them, local politics too. For how long, nobody was mentioning. Like those who are frantically trying to leave Afganistan currently, wondering how come US is not standing behind them anymore. Maybe LGBTIQ have put too much trust to the wrong sponsors. It’s never too late for the honest tawba.

29 Muharram 1443 – 7 September 2021

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