Q. Is a true Islamic state a theocracy or an autocracy or a dictatorship?

A. A true Islamic State is  not a theocracy nor an autocracy nor a dictatorship. It is a Khilaafate.  The ruler represents Allah Ta’ala. He is  the vicegerent of Allah Ta’ala. He enforces the Shariah of Allah Azza Wa Jal. In the process, he is required to  adopt Shuraa, i.e. consultation with pious and knowledgeable persons.

Q. Is  a monarchy permissible?

A. A monarchy is valid and permissible as long as the Ruler acts as the Vicegerent of Allah Ta’ala by ruling according to the Shariah. The Qur’aan Majeed clearly states that Allah Ta’ala is the  Creator of monarchy.

Q. Is voting  according to the democratic system permissible?

A. The type of voting in vogue nowadays is not permissible. It is a kaafir system which is not permissible.

Q. Are flags permissible? A brother says that flags are not permissible. He says that flags denote ethnicism, racialism and tribalism.  Flags are therefore not permissible according to the brother. Islam abhors  racialism, ethinicism.

A. Flags are permissible. The Sahaabah also had flags. During the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) the tribes had their different flags.

It is a canard, false and stupid, to  claim that Islam abhors  ethnicism and tribalism. Allah Ta’ala created tribes, racial and ethnic groups. Moron western kuffaar deny this reality. Pride is haraam. Pride being haraam does not mean that racial groupings are haraam. Despising   people of other ethnic groups and believing in the superiority of one’s own racial group are haraam.

Q. Is it permissible to claim Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Job Seekers Allowance in the UK? Now all these benefits come under one name “Universal Credits”.

A.  U.K., U.S.A., etc. are among the worst Darul Harb  countries. It is permissible to claim all types of ‘benefits’ which these zaalimeen offer under the  name “Universal Credits” or any other fanciful designation. Whatever they offer, take from them. Whatever they give is a small fraction of the  taxes of the citizenry. These governments are the worst kinds of dacoits and robbers who pillage and plunder the  public treasury.

These so-called superpowers are not content with looting their own citizenry, they pillage, plunder and  murder Muslims on a massive scale in  their own country (i.e. in Muslim countries) to enable them to  loot the raw products of Muslims. To achieve their satanic objectives they have succeeded to install kuffaar governments and rulers  with ‘muslim’ names in all Muslim countries. There is therefore no  doubt regarding  the permissibility of accepting the  ‘universal credits’ which they offer.

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