“What is the matter with their fleeing from At-Tazkirah (i.e. from Islam)?

(They flee stricken with panic) as if they are wild donkeys fleeing from a Lion.”  (Al-Muddath-thir, Aayaat 48, 49 and 50)

      In the wake of the lightening advances and conquests of the Taliban on all fronts and throughout the country, came a panic flight by thousands of Afghans. Why are they fleeing?  From whom are they fleeing?  The barbaric Western and kuffaar forces, despite all their falsehood and slanders, cannot  eliminate the truth.

The Afghans who are fleeing  are Munaafiqeen.  Unlike all other brutal  militaries, armies and militias, the Taliban is an Islamic Army which does not  indulge in atrocities.  The lies of the West  calculated to malign the Taliban are too blatant  for deglutition and acceptance by even non-Muslims who view the mighty upheavals in Afghanistan  with  clear and unbiased minds.

The Taliban have not molested the  people of Afghanistan. Their battlefield successes and victories have not  induced them to  conduct themselves as the brutal  U.S., Nato  and  their coalition forces had perpetrated when they   had invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

The kuffaar media have acknowledged that the Taliban had lists of names of people for whom they are searching. The very fact of apprehending according to lists prepared by their High Command, is glaring evidence for refuting the lies of  them committing atrocities. Everyone understands that  a state of war prevails in Afghanistan. They are not playing  marbles or flying kites. Kill and get killed are of the requisites of war. The lists are evidence for the fact that the Taliban are arresting enemies systematically, not haphazardly.

Lists of earmarked enemies debunk the idea of random arrests and perpetration of atrocities. Furthermore, most of the  regions captured by the Taliban, were handed over by the enemy without a fight. Wherever they had surrendered, the Taliban let them off free.  Even the  enemy forces who had  surrendered can testify that there were no  atrocities  committed by the Taliban.

Those who are fleeing, are pure Munaafiqeen. They are actually fleeing from Islam — from Allah Ta’ala since they abhor the imposition of  Shariah Law.  These Munaafiqeen bootlickers of the U.S. and West in general understand that   with the Law of the Qur’aan will be implemented  all the prohibitions of Islam.  Music, nudity, prostitution, liquor,  women roaming in the streets, lesbianism, homosexuality and the western concept of feminism and the many evils and immorality concomitant to the libertine western culture  will be  prohibited in Afghanistan when the Qur’aan and Sunnah are established. Salaat and all the injunctions of Islam will have to be enforced, for Allah Ta’ala says in His Qur’aan Majeed: 

“When We establish them (as rulers) on earth, they  establish

Salaat, institute Zakaat, command virtue and prohibit vice.”

Thus, implementation of the Shariah is the first FARDH obligation of an Islamic government. If the  rulers fail to observe this Fardh, Allah Ta’ala will remove them.

The Munaafiqeen are fleeing like wild donkeys from the Lion (i.e. from the Shariah). They are not fleeing in fear of hallucinated atrocities. They know that the Taliban are not barbarians such as the Americans, British, French and the rest of the kuffaar savages who specialize in brutality.  In fact, the Taliban have called on these Munaafiqeen, not to flee. Their safety is guaranteed by the Taliban. But,  the kufr lifestyle of the West is more attractive and beloved to these hypocrites and treasonists than Islam.

These fleeing Munaafiqeen are  of the ilk of the Munaafiqeen who will be fleeing from Madinah Munawwarah as predicted in the Hadith. Allah Ta’ala will overwhelm them with fear by causing some light tremors to shake Madinah. The entire City will be emptied of all the Munaafiqeen who will  flee, leaving Madinah purified from the filth of their Nifaaq.

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