A Brother from the U.S.A. explaining the putrid and disgusting state of Muslims in the U.S.A., writes:
“The condition of the Muslims and the Musaajid is heart wrenching. Some Musjids only open for Maghrib and Isha Salaat. Most are still enforcing masks. Proof of vaccination is required to enter a Musjid. They now observe three feet instead of six feet distancing. The Government has removed all Covid restrictions, but Muslims are frantically adhering to the rules of Shaitaan. The Musaajid are being used to distribute vaccines. It’s more of a clinic than a place of Ibadaat. In the streets the Kuffaar are shedding their masks and enjoying a breath of fresh air. But the Muslims are going mad. They are keeping the mask even in their houses. May Allah Ta’ala save us.
The Muslims in Trinidad, West Indies do not give even Ghusl to the majority of the dead. The fear of the Virus has driven them to madness. They dig the Qabr twelve feet deep. The dead is put into five body bags then in the coffin, and the coffin is nailed all around with a large amount of nails. Those who go to the Cemetery stay hiding in their cars. Then two Muslims come with space suits and dump the Mayyit as if it was waste matter or a dead animal. There’s so much to write. Unto Allah Ta’ala do we complain. In the midst of all this Fitna, only by the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, the affairs of our Musjid are going smoothly. All the brothers are well. Do remember us in your duas. May Allah Ta’ala grant you aafiyah. Wassalaam

taken from: AL Haq Bulletin 63

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