Q. Will it be permissible for my wife to learn driving? In times of emergency her driving could save a life. She will drive only if ever an emergency develops. Is there any scope in the Shariah for her to learn to drive?

A. There is no such scope. The argument of ‘emergency’ is shaitaani deception. There are thousands of men and women where you live, who do not own cars and who cannot drive. There are billions of men and women on earth who cannot drive and who do not own vehicles. What will they do in times of emergency? And, what will happen during an emergency if the engine malfunctions and the car does not start? What will happen in an emergency if your wife is not present, and what will happen during the imaginary emergency if your wife is bedridden? There are numerous mishaps which could develop during the hallucinated emergency which could prevent your wife and even yourself from driving the vehicle. The problem is that due to Imaani deficiency and engrossment in the dunya, people are forgetful of Allah Ta’ala. They lack tawakkul (trust) in entirety , hence shaitaan adorns for them negative thinking and mirages. A Muslim should not be negative in his thinking and attitude. Daily make dua for aafiyat (protection). Be obedient to Allah Ta’ala, then Insha-Allah, there will be no such emergencies for which there will be no arrangement. Muslims should not be like the kuffaar whose brains gravitate to haraam and najaasat for fulfilment of needs. Just for acquiring a driving licence a woman has to subject herself to zina. How can a husband ever tolerate the pillaging of his wife’s haya and purdah? Only a dayyooth is bereft of ghairah (honour). Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala and stay far away from whatever the Shariah has forbidden. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whatever is by Allah is obtainable only by way of obedience.”


FOR MORE ON THIS SUBJECT SEE THIS ALSO FROM THE MAJLIS: https://jaalhaque.com/2020/01/27/women-in-the-driving-seat/

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