as salaamu alaikum
dear hazrat
there are some people in the usa that don’t want to take the devil’s potion. the employer has given them a form to fill out. the question our brothers have is how to answer this
the specific religious doctrine or teaching that prevents me from receiving a vaccine is:
i advised them to put in the hadith that Allah has not your cure in what He has made haraam for you.
is there anything better than that?
was salaam

15 Muharram 1442 (24 August 2021)

Your e-mail refers.

Several persons from the U.S.A. had requested letters from us to
confirm that religiously vaccination is not permissible. They have
applied for exemption. The type of letter we have provided is
attached. Those who have written to you, may also use it to confirm
the correctness of their stance.



Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.

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