A Brother from the U.S. comments: “On one hand we watch with glee the rapid advancement of the Taliban taking over the Country, region by region. However at the same time it saddens me to see that even they have finally succumbed to television interviews, pictures and other haraam modern techniques to propagate their cause and reach out to the world. They are also desperately trying to find acceptance among the Kuffaar government’s of the world. On the East side they are making deals with the Cow and Urine drinkers (i.e. India) while their fellow Muslims are being killed in Kashmir and also in India at large. Then on the West side they are being Friendly with the Pig Eaters (i.e. China) while the Muslims are being killed in droves and forcibly reeducated into Kufr. Then on the north they are telling the Barbaric Russians that they have nothing to fear also. Now I understand they cannot meddle in the affairs of other nations but isn’t Allah Ta’ala the One Who gives honour and triumph? Is Allah Ta’ala not sufficient as the Qur’aan states? Is this right what they are doing or am I wrong in my observation?
You are not wrong. Most certainly, Allah Azza Wa Jal suffices for the Mu’mineen. The Qur’aan Majeed is replete with this theme. But to understand and accept this reality requires Taqwa, and in this regard the Taliban are lamentably deficient. They also lack proper Deeni knowledge and are controlled by the Pakistani kufr intelligence established, and further misadvised by the bootlicking Pakistani Ulama. That is why Allah Ta’ala has not granted them outright victory and made them to suffer more than 20 years under brutal kuffaar occupation. In fact, they still have no peace. We can only make dua that Allah Ta’ala guides the Taliban and grants them true Taqwa. The only ray of hope visible today for Muslims is in the Taliban. Outwardly, they are still the best Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala make them so inwardly as well.


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