Q. I have some sports clothes with logos. What should I do with it?
A. Give the sports clothes to some non-Muslims. However, if the clothes have images of people or animals, cut up such garments and use as rags for cleaning.

Q. A Maulana here in the U.K. says that although wearing Nike labelled garments is not permissible, footwear with this logo is permissible. He says there is leeway regarding footwear. Is this correct?
A. The Maulana Sahib based the ‘leeway’ on the fact that wearing the name brand on footwear is like disgracing it (ihaanat), hence permissible. However, we disagree with this understanding. Since the logo is haraam, it may not be worn even on footwear. Even shoes serve a very beneficial purpose and is the ni’mat of Allah Ta’ala, which should not be defiled with haraam.


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