Q. You gave a fatwa that the vaccine is haraam, I travel a lot in my business. Please advise what do I do? Because without taking the vaccine I will not be allowed to travel.
A. Our obligation is to state the law of the Shariah whether people are able to act accordingly or not. If all people are addicted to liquor for example , we still have to proclaim liquor haraam regardless of the addiction. Almost all Muslims are involved in insurance and in haraam pictography. Despite this we have the obligation of proclaiming the truth of the Deen even if people refuse to accept or even if they are genuinely unable to submit. The same applies to vaccination. Vaccination is haraam. It is now left to the individual to decide what he has to do. People will react and act in terms of their different levels of Imaan and Taqwa. We cannot advise you what exactly to do. It is left for you to decide. If circumstances compel you to submit to vaccination , remember two grave harms: (1) The sin of committing haraam. (2) The damage and disease to your body. As far as No.1 is concerned, Allah Ta’ala forgives when Taubah is made and He understands whether the compelling circumstances are valid or not. As far as No.2 is concerned , you may suffer life-long disease, especially cancer. For this there is no cure.


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