It appears that at least some of the COVID vaccines being developed use cell lines derived from fetal tissue. Would it be halal to take the vaccine?
The following fatwa is issued by Darul Iftä’, Darul Qasim in conjunction with the Darul Qasim medical group. This fatwa is for Muslims in the U.S.A. In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Vaccines are often made from a weakened version of a “live or killed virus” causing the disease. This weakened version of the virus (i.e. the rotten disease – The Majlis) is injected into a person so that the person’s own immune system can mount a response. (This is a satanic waswasah excreted into the brains of these mulhid molvis by their atheist masters whose boots they are today licking with great relish – The Majlis). Since the virus is weakened, the person may get a mild illness from the vaccine, which is typically self-limited and rarely as harmful as the disease itself. (‘Rarely harmful’: There is no greater shaitaani LIE than this absolute falsehood – falsehood which thousands of kuffaar experts have proven with evidence–The Majlis). The vaccines currently in development, however, are using a variety of different methods to stimulate one’s immune system to fight SARS-CoV-2. The vaccines developed by Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna package something called mRNA (a synthetic messenger RNA, genetic code) which instructs the body’s own cells to produce the spike protein. These vaccines are permissible for Muslims. (These and all other types of Ibleesi potions are haraam for Muslims – The Majlis) Other vaccines, however, use different classes of modified viruses as vectors to deliver DNA to human tissues. This DNA instructs the body’s own cells to produce the spike protein. Some of the vaccine manufacturers produce these modified viruses using cells that have been grown from aborted foetuses. These cells are from foetuses that were aborted several decades ago, however, due to something called cell culturing , these immortalized cell lines are kept alive and are routinely used in research today. The vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson make use of these cell lines. Using cell lines, initially developed from aborted fetuses , to develop vaccines is against Islamic Bioethics. Muslims may not take vaccines which are developed in this way considering the permissible alternatives mentioned above. (End of their haraam, bunkum fatwa of the Dajjaali muftis)
Muslims should understand well that whatever these miscreant , moron, bootlicking U.K. muftis have excreted in their fatwa is the inspiration of Iblees which have reached them via their atheist masters whose bootlickers are these Dajjaali muftis. Muslims should not allow themselves to be entrapped by the stupid ‘scientific’ bunkum which these moron muftis have lapped up from the vomit of the atheists. All the doctors who profess to be ‘Muslims’, but who peddle the kufr of the atheists likewise lose their Imaan just as these jaahil U.K. muftis have eliminated their Imaan. Introduction of disease into the body is a capital haraam act. Allah Ta’ala did not create our shifa’ in substances which He has made haraam. They aggravate their kufr by beginning their haraam stupid ‘fatwa’ in the name of Allah Ta’ala. They are like the one who recites Bismillah when consuming pork.


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