Are Afghans Fleeing In Terror From The Taliban?

Islam Reigns

By brother Umar Rumi

As is being shown by the crazy footage from Kabul airport, there is quite a commotion caused by some people trying to leave Afghanistan.

These images (together with totally unproven reports of totally improbable crimes filled of “it’s being said, there are voices..”) are being used by anti-Taliban, anti-Shari`ah and anti-Islamic propagandists to propagate more hysteria under the banner of worn-out idea that the average Afghan are in absolute dread of “Taliban tiranny” and are trying to escape from their rule.

But if we analyse who is actually trying to leave the country, and why, a very different picture will emerge.

We can individuate a few different groups with different motivations:

-the members of the past administration, filled with entitled “diaspora Afghans” (children of ex-communists who after the Soviet retreat had fled to ..the West), who came to loot their grandparents country and spread fahsha under…

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