Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Secularism Failing Humanity

Islam Reigns

Note: This is an old article shared here from 2010.

By Hamza Tzortzis

Last Friday (6th August 2010) marked the 65th anniversary of the slaughter of 220,000 innocent human beings from the first atomic bombs in history. The bombs landed in Japan, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This cowardly act has remained symbolic of secular regimes’ modus operandi in trying to achieve their foreign policy goals. The outdated political cliché, as expressed by Lord Louis Mountbatten, “if the bomb kills Japanese and saves casualties on our side I am naturally not going to favour the killing our people unnecessarily…” must now stand to scrutiny as it obviously avoids the fact that Japanese soldiers were largely murdering soldiers, while American soldiers were largely murdering Japanese civilians.

This is no different to the massacres in Fallujah where the American army decided to use white phosphorous on the civilian population, and…

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