The Gatherings Of Speaking On The Martyrdom On The 10th Of Muharram

The Gatherings Of Speaking On The Martyrdom On The 10th Of Muharram

From Fatawa Rasheedia


Can one be hopeful of reward in the following issues, and are these matters innovations and sin or not:

To consider the day of martyrdom of Hadhrat Husayn (RA) to be amongst the days of Aashura, and to have lectures on the rulings of mourning and self-flagellation (self-beating- maatam), and loud weeping and having these gatherings in each home, whilst the lecturers narrate and speak on the martyrdom during these days, especially from narrations that are contradictory and weak. The listeners try to listen to it every year, such that his lecture is unique. People especially give charity for perpetual reward during these days and specific food is placed, like rose flavoured water or rice. Every rich and poor person takes it to be blessed to have from it. Whichever person does not take from it is criticised and taken to be evil. Ostentation has a great role to play in this as well.


Speaking about the martyrdom during the ten days of Muharram is forbidden because of imitating the Rawafid (Shi’a). It is Haraam to have maatam (self-flagellation) and weeping sessions. In the Hadith, we are forbidden from mourning. It is Haraam to narrate narrations that are contrary to reality, no matter which subject they pertain to. If a person feels that he will be rewarded to a greater degree by giving charity during these days, then it is a deviated innovation. It is baseless to specify certain foods on certain days. It is Makruh for a wealthy person to have food of charity and it is Haraam for a Sayyid. It is sinful to criticise a person for not participating. And Allaah (SWT) knows best.

Reading The Books Of Martyrdom During Muharram


What is the status of reading the translation of Sirr ash Shahadatayn or other books on martyrdom specifically during the nights of Muharram if the Musallis desire it, in the Masjid or in the home of someone?


It is forbidden to read Sirr ash Shahadatayn during Muharram because of imitating the gatherings of the Rawafid (Shi’a).

Establishing The Sabeel (Custom Of Stopping To Drink Water) In Muharram, Giving Milk And Rose Flavoured Water To Drink


In Muharram, on the day of Aashura, is it correct to speak about the martyrdom, with poetry in accordance to the correct narration, or even some weak narrations? Is it correct to have Sabeel (custom of stopping to drink water), or to have rose flavoured water and milk?


In Muharram, to speak of the martyrdom of Husayn (RA), even if it is in accordance to the authentic narrations, or to have Sabeel, give rose flavoured water and give people to drink, or to give milk to drink, all this is incorrect and it is Haraam because of imitating the Rawafid.

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