Feminism Vs Women in Islam

Feminism Vs Women in Islam
Amongst the most destructive foreign ideologies to have ravaged the enslaved minds of this Ummah, is feminism. Both the Ulama (scholars) and the masses have become utterly oblivious and purposefully blind to their mental colonization. In fact, the Ulama are primarily responsible for this disaster. Instead of serving as the indomitable guardians of the Shariah as is their divinely-appointed role, the Ulama, spiritually bereft and spineless, have allowed themselves to be led hither and thither, swaying pitifully with every kufr concept that fans its stench in the air, and in so doing, leading astray the Ummah as a whole.

To observe the degree of this mental enslavement of the Ulama, and to aid in the quest to identify the extremely few Ulama-e-Haqq (true Ulama) whose existence Allah (azza wa jal) will sustain even near the End of Times, one only needs to observe the stark contrast between the attitude and fatwas of the Ulama of these times, with regards to women, and the attitude and Fatwas of the immutable Shariah, which is represented only by the Four Madh-habs – the divinely-ordained means through which the actual practice of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen (the first three generations of Islam) have been authentically preserved and transmitted into every era, right to this very age.

Unlike Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, the Divine Law of the Final Revealed Religion, the Shariah, is immune to the slightest change, and completely impervious to efforts to make it conform to the ever-changing and wildly fluctuating norms and values of society. Hence, despite the exponential increase in self-appointed “Mujtahids” (re-interpreters and reviewers of the Shariah) today, who labour under the self-deception that their “Ijtihad” (interpretations) on the Qu’ran and Sunnah possess any value, and despite the exponential increase in fraudulent claimants to following a Madh-hab, who attempt to pull wool over the eyes of the masses regarding the actual rulings of the Madh-habs, they all are helplessly impotent and powerless to effect the slightest dent and alteration to the rulings and spirit of the pure Shariah which the early Mujtahids of each Madh-hab captured, recorded and transmitted, as part of a process of codification that was completed within the era of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen – the best of generations whose absolute superiority and purity of Deen (religion) was certified by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself:

“The Most Superior of my Ummah is my generation (i.e. the Sahabah), then those who follow them (the Tabi’een), then those who follow them (the Tab-e-Tabi’een).” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Islam is not in need of feminism. Islam in itself grants women the most just place and role. The place in which the woman is most at ease and comfort. The role in which only the woman can excel and perform to perfection. In fact, feminism has been responsible for the worst degree of oppression upon women, displacing them from their natural role, and tempting, luring, pressurizing, coercing, bullying and even forcing them to be on an equal footing as men, and most unjustly allowing man to stealthily relinquish his responsibilities, without a semblance of stigma or rebuke, and hoist their heavy burden upon the weaker gender.

Infinitely worse than physical leashes, are the intangible leashes that have forcibly expelled the woman, en masse, from the comfort, safety and security of her home – a phenomenon which is at the very heart of the unprecedented level of social and moral degeneration which all societies are currently experiencing, with the usual societal symptoms of immorality, lewdness, depression, suicide, rape, murders, “crimes of passion”, infant delinquency, etc. avalanching to levels never ever witnessed in the history of mankind, testifying to the level of misery and oppression self-inflicted by both man and woman.

It is indicative of the degree of influence commanded by this utterly destructive ideology over the world, that while the true role of women in Islam, which granted it’s women safety, security, peace and fulfilment for over a thousand years, has been stigmatised, devalued and relegated to near extinction even amongst Muslims today, hardly an eyebrow is raised regarding the fact that today every single nation lies prostrate at the feet of the West, sacrificing every principle that has been sacred and dear to it since time immemorial, in order to accommodate the western concept of the woman – a concept that ultimately compels the woman to exchange her service to her family, for toiling for strangers, as waitresses, air-hostesses, secretaries, cleaners, soldiers, etc., in every single arena of life in which the weaker gender’s inherent weakness and vulnerability are inevitably exploited by the stronger gender, regardless of the whole host of stupid measures, protocols, checks, exposés, and inquests that are implemented continuously.

For a glimpse into the excruciating level of self-immolation sustained by women in their never-ending quest for ’emancipation’, orchestrated in full by Man to his advantage and bestial gratification, simply research into the proportion of women (75%-90%) in the American army – the heroic cream of the lead country of western ‘civilisation’ – who have been able to muster up their shattered courage to confess the brutal exploitation of their bodies by their fellow comrades. In fact, detailed statistics testify to the fact that such abominations, and lower level abuses ranging from ‘cat-calling’, ‘scoring competitions’, molesting, etc. are rampant today in all societies which have imported wholesale, or have been influenced by the western concept of ’emancipation’ for women.

Since the spirit, ethos, attitude, and rulings of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen, as transmitted by the 4 Madh-habs, are immutable and have been set in stone over a millenium ago, there is only one common thread running through each and every deviance that has managed to infect itself into the Ummah: Abandonment of Rigid Taqleed (tightly binding oneself) to one of the Four Madh-habs – be it a temporary, partial, or complete abandonment. Hence, even those deviant sects who proudly claim to be strict adherents to one of the Madh-habs, such as the Barelwis and the new breed of fraudulent salafi-influenced ‘Deobandis’, have no option but to abandon Taqleed momentarily and suddenly resort to “Qur’an and Sunnah”, usually supplemented also with “minority opinions” or “need”, in order to justify being undeniably influenced by foreign ideologies such as feminism.

The very same tactice of Abandonment of Rigid Taqleed employed by deviant groups today to justify women’s “emancipation” provides sufficient leeway to justify slaughtering civilians for revenge, seeking salvation from the dead, shaving the beard, building monuments over graves, pictures of animate objects, ‘religious’ singing sessions, consuming food which are alcoholic in terms of the Shariah, etc. etc. and innumerable other transgressions which have already become prevalent within this Ummah, and which are in complete conflict with the official ruling of all the Madh-habs.

With virtually all the minor signs of the Day of Judgement mentioned in the Hadiths having already manifested themselves, it is glaringly self-evident to all but the most intellectually challenged moron, that we have approached the Age of the Ghurabaa, exactly as foretold by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), during which the true teachings of Islam will have become completely unpalatable to the Kufr-influenced palates of this Ummah:

“Islam began as something Ghareeb (strange, lone, forlorn), and it will return to being something Ghareeb, so Blessed are the Ghurabaa (the stranger, lone, forlorn ones)”


OCT 2015

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