Balakot is in Pakistan. On 1 May 1831 an epic battle was fought on the mountains of Balakot between a force of Mujahideen under the command of the illustrious Wali, Hadhrat Sayyid Ahmad Shahid, and the Hindu king, Ranjit Singh. The Muslim force arrived during the night and engaged in setting up camp. A local villager betrayed the Mujahideen and informed the forces of Ranjit Singh. During that very night Ranjit Singh’s forces launched their attack from the rear of the mountain. An intense battle followed. On the fifth day of the battle whilst Hadhrat Sayyid Ahmad Shah was in Sajdah in Tahajjud Salaat, he was beheaded. Shah Ismail Shahid took up the command and the battle continued to rage for the next four days. When a Sikh soldier verbally abused Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Shah Ismail Shahid, swore an oath: “I shall not die until I have not beheaded you.” On the fourth day whilst valiantly fighting, the enemy (the Sikh) succeeded in beheading Shah Ismail Shahid. But, miraculously the decapitated body of Shah Ismail continued fighting. Smitten with fear, the Sikh turned and fled. The headless body of Shah Ismail pursued the Sikh for about 200 metres. He flung his sword which severed the head of the Sikh. As the Sikh fell dead to the ground, the body of Hadhrat Ismail Shahid also collapsed. Allah Ta’ala had fulfilled the oath which Hadhrat Ismail Shaid had taken. 450 Mujahideen were also martyred in this battle and about 100 survived. It is said that even today sometimes the blood of the Shuhada could be seen flowing down the mountain.


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