A Sister from Pakistan provides the following remedy for flu and fever, including covid:

The recent article on the treatment and neutralization of Covid 19, if viewed on the link provided is very expensive to follow, with an advise of eating two mangoes and an orange every day. The flu diet is also out of reach of the pocket of people with limited income.

I my self took Chamomile (not according to the prescription in this link) but in the form of tea about five to six times a day when I was down with fever and severe body pain. Once in a while a pinch of black seeds were added to the Chamomile tea. A good pinch of ground Chamomile was put in a glass of water and boiled for 1-2 minutes then strained and taken hot like tea. I got natural grounded Chamomile but one can easily get Chamomile tea bags of various brands. I did not take any medicines at all not even a pain killer. This is really a wonder prescription.

Alhamdolillah my fever and body pain completely got cured and I also regained strength and energy. Even after I was well I went on taking this tea for two months thrice a day.

This Chamomile tea was recommended to some members of my family and all of them were Alhamdolillah returned to normal within a week or at the most ten days. An amazing part is that Chamomile restores strength and energy as was stated by all those who took the tea. May be it boosts immunity and neutralizes the effects of Covid 19. (End of the Sister’s remedy)

Remember and understand well that sickness is from Allah Ta’ala, and so is the cure. Whatever Allah Ta’ala has set out in our Taqdeer will necessarily come to pass, and no remedy and no protocol can ever thwart the Decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The combined brains of entire mankind and the combined efforts of all the moron doctors and atheist scientists fail miserably at the Altar of Divine Decree.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Surah Faatihah is a cure for every sickness. Recite Surah Faatihah seven times and blow on the remedy and make dua for cure. If cure is in your Taqdeer and if Maut has not been decreed for you, the halaal and tayyib remedy proffered by the Sister will cure you by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala.

20 Zul-Qa’dh 1442 – 1 July 2021

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